Updated profile page and copy a visualization coming soon (May 6, 2019)

Coming Soon! 

Expected release – 2 weeks

  • Users will be able to copy a published visualization.
  • The profile settings edit experience is getting an uplift so that it's faster and easier to use. With this update, users will also now have a way to create and manage API Keys from their profile.

Expected release – 1 month

  • We are adding an option to new visualizations to control the precision of axis labels for number columns.
  • We are adding in the option to create scatter plots based on text columns, in addition to number columns.

Expected release – ~1-2 months

  • We are updating Perspectives roles to better enable users to create and collaborate on Stories. With this change, users can expect to see the following changes:
    • Site Administrators will no longer see Perspectives-specific roles. 
    • Users with a "Publisher (Perspectives)" or an "Editor (Perspectives)" role will become Publishers or Editors, respectively. With this change, a Publisher will now be able to create and publish Stories and Editors will be able to edit existing Stories.
    • SCGC domains will have the ability to assign a right to a custom role that permits/restricts Story publication permission.

Minor Updates

Data Ingress And Updates

  • The bug in which users could not convert URL datatypes to Text datatypes has been resolved.
  • Previously, when users had not filled in the required metadata, the Update button was greyed out but no flyout informing the user they were unable to edit the dataset until the metadata was filled in rendered. This issue has been resolved and users will now see the flyout when hovering over the greyed out Update button.
  • Small UI improvements were made to the Dataset Manager's "Upload a File" interface.


  • Resolved two accessibility issues in visualizations, correcting the tab order of viz controls and adding alt text to the Share button.
  • Resolved an issue causing timeline chart axes not to render well when using the "No Grouping" option.
  • Resolved an issue causing in-chart labels for column charts to be cut off on some situations.


Curious about other areas of the platform? Visit our Performance or SCGC release notes for more! Or give us a shout at support@socrata.com with questions or ideas.

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