Hide assets from the catalog, story table of contents, and categorical scatter plots (June 24, 2019)


  • Administrators can now hide and unhide assets from the public Catalog from the kabob menu in the Asset Manager allowing for granular curation of content in their Catalog.***
  • Users can now add a table of contents to their Story.***
  • Users can now use categorical columns - text and datetime, specifically - as axes on their scatter plots, in addition to number columns.***

Major Updates

  • Users can now specify whether null values in a boolean column field should be represented as "null" or "false," and can configure visualizations and filters to use either setting.

Minor Updates

Catalog & Metadata

  • Fixed an issue where the "show all" selection for tags in the Catalog only displayed 100 results instead of the full list.
  • Fixed an issue where searching for tags in the Asset Manager did not allow for searching tags beyond the top 100 used.
  • Changed the ordering of kabob menu items and removed the ellipses for consistency.
  • Fixed an issue where clicking on an asset in the Catalog occasionally opened the asset in a new tab.

Data Ingress And Updates

  • Fixed an issue where timestamps disappeared when default column formatting was applied.
  • Fixed an issue where the type dropdown for location columns was incorrectly displaying as "Date&Time" instead of "Location".
  • Fixed an issue where the date format of fixed timestamp columns could not be changed.


  • Resolved an issue in IE11 where the Action bar was not rendering in Stories.
  • Fixed an issue causing "Yesterday" and "Today" options to present incorrectly in Stories.


  • When copying a visualization, the filters are now carried over.

Coming Soon! 

Expected release - 2 weeks

  • Socrata Gateway will have an open beta program in July. Socrata Gateway is a new framework for connecting data from on-premise and cloud-based data sources directly to Socrata. Any customers interested in participating should contact their Account Manager or Customer Success Manager.

Expected release - 1 month

  • Users will be able to create hierarchies and drill-downs in Visualizations, allowing end users to click on a component of a chart and "drill in" to explore the data within that piece of the visualization.***

Expected release – 2 months

  • We are updating Perspectives roles to better enable users to create and collaborate on Stories. When a Story is shared with a user, the user will be able to view and/or collaborate on that story even if this user does not have a role with permission to create and edit Stories.


Legend: *** client-requested functionality

Curious about other areas of the platform? Visit our Performance or SCGC release notes for more! Or give us a shout at socrata-support@tylertech.comwith questions or ideas.

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