Coming Soon: New Calendar Visualization and Socrata Gateway (November 12, 2019)

Minor Updates

Administration & User Management

  • Resolved an issue where users could not transfer ownership of community-created assets.
  • Resolved an issue where not all search results for users were returned when transferring ownership.
  • Resolved an issue where extra users were appearing in the autocompleted list when adding collaborators to assets.
  • Resolved an issue where the privacy policy acceptance text was misaligned on sites that offer multiple languages.

Catalog & Metadata

  • Resolved an issue where tags from federated assets did not appear in the tags facet of the catalog on the target domain.

Data Ingress & Updates

  • Modified Schedule Updates button on Primer page to make it more visible.
  • Resolved an issue where the restore function in the activity bar of a dataset draft displayed confusing images.
  • Resolved an issue causing errors when location fields in forms were populated.
  • Resolved an issue in which the "in between" filters on date type columns were not returning results.
  • Resolved an issue in which the "does not contain" filters were not returning results.


  • Resolved an issue where Y-axis labels were rendering partially obscured on charts in Firefox and Edge web browsers.

Coming Soon! 

Expected release - 2 weeks

  • Socrata Gateway, a new framework for creating and automating datasets in Socrata by connecting directly to on-premise and cloud based systems, will be available for all customers.
  • Users will have the ability to create a calendar visualization to display basic event information at a monthly view.
  • Administrators will have the ability to configure custom colors and palettes to be used by end-users on a domain-wide basis for creating visualizations.
  • The creation of reports through Report Builder will be disabled by November 18, 2019. Reports will remain accessible but read-only.

Expected release - 1 month 

  • Users will soon have more advanced alert scheduling and threshold triggering options when creating an alert for a dataset.

Legend: *** client-requested functionality

Curious about other areas of the platform? Visit our Performance or SCGC release notes for more! Or give us a shout at with questions or ideas.

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