Gateway Known Issues

Below is a list of known issues with Socrata Gateways specific to different plugins.

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Item Affected

Issue Description


Excel Plugin

The Excel plugin cannot connect to files if the plugin is configured using a mapped drive location

Under Investigation

Excel Plugin

The Excel plugin times out when connecting to large (not yet quantified) files and does not provide an error message. Under Investigation

Access Plugin

The Access plugin throws an error when trying to ingressing a blob type.

Under Investigation

MacOS Plugins

On restart, a plugin setup on MacOS doesn't automatically restart itself and connect to the relevant agent on the domain.

Fix in Progress

MySQL plugin

When setting up the MySQL plugin you specify the database. However, by default, the plugin will enable data publishers to see all tables and views based on the user's MySQL permissions. When a data publisher attempts to select a table or view, not within the database configured by the plugin, they receive an error.

Fix in Progress

All Plugins

When adding, reconfiguring or deleting plugins from the command line, the plugin type and plugin name values are case sensitive. All plugin types are lower case.

Under Investigation

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