New Gateway plugin, improvements for visualizations, and more (January 13, 2020)

Major Updates

Data Ingress And Updates

  • IBM DB2 plugin is now available for creating and updating datasets using Socrata Gateway. See Available Plugins for a complete list of plugins.***

Minor Updates

Administration & User Management

  • Resolved an issue causing the "shared to me" tab not to appear for certain users.
  • Resolved an issue causing unreliability when making changes to email notification settings.
  • Accessibility updates to the login, profile, and videos page.

Catalog & Metadata

  • Updated a configuration to allow for showing community badges in the catalog and on the asset surface, but not show community filter facets in the catalog. 
  • Accessibility updates to the featured content on the /browse page.
  • Resolved an issue where provenance badges were not rendering on official assets
  • Resolved an issue where external datasets from data.json were not included in total count of asset in the asset manager. 

Data Ingress And Updates

  • Resolved an issue where ESRI maps were incorrectly showing a link to the original file. 
  • Resolved an issue with case sensitivity while searching in datasets. 
  • Resolved an issue causing RSS exports on datasets with geospatial columns to fail.
  • Resolved an issue preventing users with certain permission levels from updating blob datasets.
  • Accessibility updates to the /data page. 


  • Users now have the option to "lock" months for calendars, in addition to the default configuration that always shows the user the current date.***
  • The Social Data Player is now compatible with both new and classic visualizations, allowing legacy visualizations to be migrated to new without breaking embedded views.
  • Improved the styling controls for histogram labels to improve readability and accessibility.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented users from adding the same measure column multiple times to a visualization.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the visualization share icon to show above top of expanded legends.
  • Resolved an issue that caused some filters not to be applied properly to legacy point maps.
  • Resolved an issue that caused the axes of timeline charts not to respect internationalization settings.
  • Resolved an issue causing certain over time charts to not render flyout details correctly.
  • Accessibility updates to legacy and new chart visualizations, as well as new map visualizations.

Coming Soon! 

Expected release  < 2 weeks

Filter by Region: The ability to filter any visualization by region is coming soon.***


Legend: *** client requested functionality

Curious about other areas of the platform? Visit our Performance or SCGC release notes for more! Or give us a shout at with questions or ideas.

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