Improvements to the Socrata Dataset Management Experience (February 13, 2020)

Data Ingress & Updates

  • Updated the column mismatch tool in the Socrata Dataset Management Experience (SDMX) to use column field names rather than display names, making column mapping issues easier to diagnose.

  • Enhanced support for tab delimited files in SDMX.

  • Disabled the “Column Mapping” tool in SDMX when using a dataset revision to work with previously published data (a revision where no source file has been uploaded).

  • Resolved issue preventing users from scrolling in Recent Actions page in SDMX.

  • Resolved issue preventing users from editing blank cells for point columns in SDMX.

  • Resolved issue causing users to download and re-add attachments after updating rows.

Data Interaction

  • Resolved an issue where derived views showed unexpected results when filtering on hidden columns.


  • Added an icon for the URL column type.

  • Resolved an issue with searching for filter conditions when configuring filters on visualizations.

  • Resolved an issue where clicking the "Clear All Filters” button would change the filter option from “Single” to “Multiple”.


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