Edit Metadata in Maps and Charts

This article will walk through the process of editing metadata in both chart and map visualizations. 

Step 1: Create a Draft

The first step to editing the metadata will be to create a draft of your visualization. To do so, open the visualization in your browser and select Edit from the action bar.


Step 2: Access Metadata from Asset Manager

Once you have created your draft, you will need to go back to the Asset Manager and locate the visualization draft you just created.

Select the blue ellipses under the Action Tab, and choose Edit Metadata.Pasted_Image_3_10_20__10_48_AM.png

Step 3: Edit Metadata

You will now be on the metadata page for your visualization, where you can make and save any changes to the visualization metadata.

After your changes are done, you can select Save and then Return to Asset to go back to the draft of the visualization. 


Step 4: Publish Your Draft

The final step to complete the metadata update will be to publish your draft. While on the visualization draft, select the Update button from the action bar.


You have now updated the metadata associated with your chart or map!



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