Updates to Catalog Default Search (February 20, 2020)

Administration & User Management

  • Made a change in Site Appearance settings to disable the “Preview” button when invalid Color Palette settings are configured.

Catalog, Site Navigation & Metadata

  • Updated Catalog search to sort by asset relevance by default.

Data Ingress & Updates

  • Resolved issue causing PDF links on classic map assets to render incorrectly.

  • Resolved issue causing duplicate Publish Dataset button to display on the view data page of drafts.


  • Resolved issue causing GIF images to intermittently time out in the upload process.

  • Resolved issue causing the "View Source Data" link to be unclickable on a Story.

  • Resolved issue with disabling collaborators from being added to a Story.


  • Resolved a UI issue with pie chart configuration to remove the “Show All” option under “Slice Display Options” when the total number of slices exceeds the maximum allowable (twelve).

  • Resolved an issue in pie charts where an “Other” slice would appear in the chart even when the value of “Other” was zero.

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