Update to views created with the SoQL query editor on Enterprise Data Domains

We have modified the derived view creation workflow in order to prevent the creation of unsupported relationships between views that can result in errors.

The relevant derived views are those with the following relationship:

  • Asset A: Regular dataset

  • Asset B: SoQL view (created using the SoQL query editor) built off of Asset A

  • Asset C: non-SoQL view (created using the filtering or formatting tools in the grid view) built off of Asset B

Asset C, which is a non-SoQL view built on a SoQL view, can break when changes or updates are made to the other assets in this chain. Since Asset C cannot currently be fully supported, we are preventing the creation of non-SoQL views from SoQL views.

What’s Changing:

The “Edit” and “Manage” options will be disabled when a user either Creates View or Edits from Asset B, an existing SoQL view. Removing these options prevents the creation of Asset C, a non-SoQL view based on a SoQL view.

The user interface change is indicated in the screenshots below.

Previous user interface on a SoQL view:



Updated user interface on a SoQL view:


What Doesn’t Change?

  • Creating non-SoQL views from regular datasets.

  • Creating non-SoQL views from other non-SoQL views.

  • Creating SoQL views from regular datasets or other SoQL views.

  • Creating visualizations to explore and display data, which allow for flexible formatting


Moving Forward

We are working on improvements to our tabular view (grid view) surface to provide a more stable and consistent data shaping experience. Our goal is to provide seamless interoperability between filtering data in the user interface and in the SoQL editor, while at the same time providing flexibility in formatting and presentation.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Support Team at datainsights-support@tylertech.com, and we will be happy to help.

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