Gateway Walkthrough

You must have Java 8 or higher installed in order to install an agent to connect directly to your data sources.

If you have not yet configured a Gateway Agent on your domain, please consult the following how-to guide: How to Provision a Socrata Gateway 

To configure a COVID Tracker plugin for an existing Socrata Gateway agent:

  1. Select the gear icon, then select "Administration."
  2. Select "Gateway."
  3. Click "Add Plugin."
  4. Name the plugin and click "Next."
  5. Copy the script.
  6. Open your terminal. You may do this by hitting the command+space bar keys on your keyboard and typing "terminal".
  7. Change directories to the directory where your agent is, then paste the script and hit enter.
  8. When Java opens, click "OK". This plugin does not have licensing attributed to it.
  9. Return to your Socrata site and click "Done."
  10. Refresh the page and see your new plugin listed under the agent.
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