What is Campaign Finance? Tell me more about it...

With the Campaign Finance application, you can drive more engagement with your Open Data site through our out of the box solution designed around driving transparency in the elections.

Socrata’s Campaign Finance solution allows citizens to have easy access to candidate’s campaign contributions info, learn about the candidates they support, and be active participants in the state and local elections.

Campaign Finance Application page

For data site's that have a Campaign Finance application setup, users can land on this page by navigating to https://domain/campaign_finance.


Configurable Banner: The application can be configured to have a logo and/or welcome text. The logo is setup through the Administration panelSite AppearanceHeader Bar section.


Source Data Last Updated: The Campaign Finance app is by a dataset that resides on the domain. By clicking on the Source Data Last Updated link, users will be taken to the “Primer” Page of the underlying dataset.


Campaign Contribution Date Range Filter: Contributions received during the date range. 

Contribution Type Filter: Contributions received from an individual donor or Organizational donor. User can select or de-select the checkbox to filter the contributions.


Left Side Panel:

  • Election Year Filter: This configures the application to the year the candidate has ran for the office. By default, the election year will show the current year. 

  • Candidate or Office Search Bar: For the selected election year, users can search for a candidate by candidate name or by office title. The search allows for up to 3 candidates.

The left side panel can be collapsed by using the arrow button (<).


  • Search Dropdown: Users can browse and explore the list of candidates that match with the search terms before selecting a candidate. The slider allows user to quickly navigate though a long list of candidates. 


  • Contribution Results: Once a candidate is selected, the search results will display the candidate’s Name and the Total Contributions. For each candidate, users can see the candidate's name, office, jurisdiction and party affiliation information (if available from the dataset) along with the Total Contributions. Each candidate is represented by a unique color to visually differentiate from other candidates.


Right Side Panel:

The right side panel includes 3 sections.

  • Map

  • Top Contributors Chart

  • Contributions Over Time Chart


To view contributions raised by a candidate, start by searching for a candidate or office from the left side panel.


Map: The Contributor map shows the aggregated donations by location per candidate. Each bubble represents the relative size of donations aggregated by location. Users can filter the contributions by location by clicking on the bubble. The “Reset” action will return the map to its default state.

If the “Refresh other charts as I move the map” checkbox is selected, then the Top Contributors Chart and Contributors Over Time Chart will be updated for the selected map area. User can uncheck the box if they don’t want the charts to be updated as they move around the map.

Top Contributors Chart: This shows the Top 5 contributors (up to 10) per candidate by dollar amount. A contributor is defined by unique name and address combination. 


Contributions Over Time Chart: This shows the contribution trends over time.


Compare with another Candidate(s)

To compare contributions against another candidate(s), add another candidate to the search criteria.


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