Weekly bug fixes and enhancements (July 7, 2020)

  • Resolved an issue with charts rendering in Stories Presentation mode.
  • Resolved an issue where calendar flyouts did not show entire value of a field.

  • Modified download behavior for Activity Log so that all events will be included, rather than just the first 1000 events.

  • Improved user experience when accessing a data federated asset’s parent on the source domain.

  • Clarified messaging in the platform regarding data federated assets and their behavior, for increased transparency.

  • Updated the Asset Manager to truncate especially long asset descriptions for external datasets.

  • Updated "More Views" to include all available related content, regardless of federation.

  • Resolved an issue where filtering on a public derived view resulted in a 403 error.

  • Resolved errors when using OData endpoints for federated datasets.

  • Various security improvements.

  • Various accessibility improvements on primer pages, in the grid view, in the asset selector, and in Social Data Player.

Curious about other areas of the platform? Visit our Performance or SCGC release notes for more! Or give us a shout at socrata-support@tylertech.com with questions or ideas.

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