Site Analytics: User Authentications (Logins)

The Site Analytics: User Authentication (Logins) System Dataset includes all login activities on a domain for users that log in via the domain login page using their username and password or single sign-on (SSO).

For steps on how to access this and other system datasets please see our article here.

The following user types are tracked in the User Segment column:

This represents users who have a role on the domain.

This represents users who do not have a role on the domain.


Time granularity - Data is presented at an hourly timeslice in UTC.

Update cadence - The dataset is updated by a system process at least once a day.

How to interpret the data - Each row in the dataset indicates the number of logins for the specified user segment and hour.


The below record indicates there were 3 logins by users in the site_member segment during the 2020 Jul 20 05:00:00 PM hour.


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