Creating a Bookmark in Executive Insights

Users may wish to save a specific view within the Executive Insights module to their personal dashboard. To do so, the user can create a bookmark by following the steps below.

Step 1: Click on the Bookmark button in the Analysis tab


Step 2: Personalize the bookmark title and description

The title will default to the name of the metric the user is bookmarking, but can be customized. The description will appear on the bookmark tile on the user's personal dashboard.Screen_Shot_2020-08-20_at_11.21.35_AM.png

Step 3: Adjust filters and views

The Filters and views tab of the bookmark creation modal enables the user to modify any filters applied to the view, as well as update the bookmark's default view.


Step 4: Add monitoring condition(s)

Clicking on "Add a condition" enables the user to select from a list of monitoring conditions. If a benchmark is enabled for the view that is being bookmarked, benchmark-specific options will appear in the list.

List with no benchmark enabled:


List with benchmark enabled:


After the user selects a condition type, they can set the threshold at which the monitor should trigger:


The user can add multiple conditions to achieve the desired monitoring state.

Step 5: Enable email alerts

After adding conditions, the user can elect to receive email alerts for their bookmark. There are two options:

  1. Daily: the user will receive an email every day with a report of the currentvalue of the metric they have bookmarked.
  2. Only if threshold is breached: the user will receive an email only if all monitoring conditions are met. 


Step 6: Click Save and view bookmark on dashboard

After saving, the user can navigate back to the Overview tab to view their bookmark in the Bookmarks tab.


The bookmark tile appears with the following components (labelled in the above image):

  1. Default or user-modified title
  2. User-provided description
  3. Default view/chart type set while creating bookmark
  4. If a monitor is set, a bell icon will appear in the left corner of the bookmark tile


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