Updates to Gateway, Site Analytics, and more (Aug 10, 2020)

Administration & User Management

Site Analytics Enhancements

Site analytics now includes 3 new measures for story page views, visualization page views and measures page views as part of the Asset Access dataset. These measures are aggregated by hour and user segment. This dataset can be accessed by visiting Admin > Assets and filtering on Asset Types = System Datasets. Please see this support article for more detail: Site Analytics: Asset Access

Gateway Permission Enhancements

Socrata Gateway now supports an enhanced permissions model which controls access to individual plugins on a user-specific basis. This gives site administrators more flexibility in determining which users have access to which data sources (via plugins) when creating and updating datasets. Please see this support article for more detail. Gateway User Permissions

Data Ingress

Gateway US Census Plugin Enhancements

The Gateway US Census plugin has been enhanced to support additional variables. Customers can now pull in as many variables as needed for multiple geographies when using the US Census Plugin. Please see this support article for more detail. US Census Gateway Plugin

Data Interaction & Derived Views

Computed Columns and CSV Exports

Datasets that include computed columns, which are internal system columns used for creating chloropleth or region maps, will now exclude these columns when exported via CSV format. Excluding these system columns from exports helps avoid confusion by removing information that is not meaningful to end users of the data.

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