Introducing Recovery Insights and Enhancements to Stories and Site Analytics (Oct 12, 2020)

Recovery Insights

Socrata Recovery Insights is a new solution designed for state and local government leaders to support them with the insights they need to lead a strategic, equitable, and effective economic and fiscal recovery by bringing together the government's own fiscal and community development data with third party data on consumer consumption and real estate transactions. The solution provides actionable, turnkey insights on that data so that local government leaders can fully understand the status of their jurisdictions' economic and fiscal health now and into the future, uncover populations or neighborhoods at risk of being left behind, and share those insights with critical internal and external stakeholders.

A support article giving an overview of the solution can be found here.


Global Filter Bar

With a Global Filter Bar, users can now filter Story pages with a few clicks! Filtering is available for all charts, maps, and tables derived from a single dataset or derived view. Please see this support article for detail: The Stories Global Filter Bar

Backgrounds and Colors

The color picker within Stories is now powered by the same color picker available in visualizations. This change allows users to do the following: (1) create and use custom color palettes in their Story page and (2) add background colors to individual Story sections.

Please see these support articles for details: Domain level color palettes, Background colors for Stories

Improved Custom Themes

Custom story theme configurations have been updated to include additional options for each individual Story heading level. For customized text themes, you will need to reach out to your program manager or the support team. Please see this support article for details: Styling and formatting Story text


Administration & User Management

Site Analytics Enhancements

The Asset Access dataset now includes the asset type which provides additional granularity to tracking so that you can now see which types of visualizations are being accessed, which types of primer pages are being accessed and how users are interacting differently with datasets and derived views. Please see this support article for more detail: Site Analytics: Asset Access

The User Authentication dataset now includes additional fields to identify the user UID and type of authentication, which will initially include web logins only. API access authentications will be included in a future release. With this additional granularity, we have renamed the dataset from "User Authentication (Logins)" to "User Authentication". These fields provide additional detail which customers can use to calculate Monthly Active Users (i.e. How many site members have logged in 10 or more times in a month?). Please see this support article for more detail: Site Analytics: User Authentications

Default email notification setting

The default email notifications setting has been changed from real time to a daily digest. This change only affects users who have never modified their notifications settings. If a user has updated their settings, those will be preserved. Please see this support article for more detail: Notifications.

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