Recovery Insights and Campaign Finance Improvements, Accessible Platform Visualizations, and Team Asset Owners (December 7, 2020)

Recovery Insights

Recovery Insights Enhancements

Users can now easily compare different time periods when interpreting metrics using the new comparative mode feature. This feature allows users to create filters to allow comparing data between two periods, such as before and after the pandemic.

Please see this support article for more detail: Recovery Insights: Comparison Mode

Campaign Finance

Expenditure View and Share Option

Earlier this year, we released the Socrata Campaign Finance solution, an out of the box solution designed around driving transparency in the state and local elections. With this release, we have further extended the app to allow users to explore candidates' campaign expenditures info along with the contributions, learn how candidates and committees spend their campaign money, and easily share interesting views from the app on Social Media Platforms.

With this release, users can easily find information like:

  • Spending associated with each candidate

  • Top Recipients and Expenditure Categories

  • Easily compare a candidate’s contribution and expenditure profiles

Please see this support article for more detail: Campaign Finance

To enable this app for your Socrata domain, please reach out to your CSM contact or Socrata Support at

Interactive Reporting

Visualization Summary Table

Visualizations on the platform just got more accessible! Summary tables for all charts, maps, and calendars are now available. These tables are accessible to all platform users, including those with disabilities. Please see this support article for detail: Creating a Visualization in the Visualization Canvas

Maps: Diverging Scale Color Palette

Maps can now be stylized with a diverging color palette. Diverging scales are used when you want to visualize the deviation of data values in one of two directions relative to a neutral midpoint – e.g. when a dataset contains +/- numbers.

Diverging scale is available for line, point, region, and boundary maps. Please see this support article for detail: Diverging scale

Maps: Midpoint for linear maps

Maps can now contain a midpoint. Midpoints can be used in conjunction with a diverging color scale to visualize the deviation of data values. When maps are created with a numerical column to color by value and a linear classification, the midpoint feature is available. Please see this support article for detail: Midpoint

Administration & User Management

Teams can be Asset Owners

Teams as Owners of Assets update: You may have noticed that the ability to transfer assets to a team has yet to be released. This delay is due to a few late-breaking complications, and given the current state we do not think it is ready to release to our users at this time. We strive to deliver the best and the condition of this feature currently falls short of that. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to deliver the ‘Teams as Asset Owners’ experience you deserve. Keep an eye out for this feature in the early New Year.

Data Management

DSMP Workflow Improvements

Every workflow in the Socrata Dataset Management Experience has been updated to use the same pattern for saving changes, canceling changes, and returning to your data table preview. We’ve also added help text and additional prompts in the Add Georeference workflow to make it more intuitive for users. None of the dataset management features that you rely on have changed, but we hope you’ll find them easier and more enjoyable to use!

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