Sharing a Bookmark in Executive Insights

One of the key capabilities of the Executive Insights module is the ability to create a Bookmark, or a saved view of a metric with specific filters, visualization options, and monitoring conditions that allow users to keep an eye on key data points and metrics.

Now, users also have the ability to share bookmarks that they have created with other users, including the monitoring conditions associated with those bookmarks.

There are two ways to share a bookmark - while the bookmark is being created by selecting the Share option, and from the Bookmarks tab in the module overview.


Sharing a Bookmark from the Bookmarks Tab

To share a bookmark in Executive Insights that has already been created, first navigate to the Bookmarks tab, click on the menu in the upper-right corner of the tile, and select Share.


After selecting the Share option, the Bookmark modal will appear, allowing the user to make any changes to the title, description, or monitoring conditions before sharing.


After selecting the Share option, the user will be navigated to the Share Bookmark view, which allows users to customize the email notification that will be sent to their sharing recipients.

In this view, users can specify the other individuals they would like to share to, the subject of the email, and the message that will be conveyed along with it.



Create & Share a New Bookmark

Executive Insights users can also share bookmarks while in the process of creating them. When creating a new bookmark, select the "Share this bookmark with someone else" option at the top of the modal, and then hit "Next" to see sharing options.


Selecting the Next option will navigate the user to the Share modal, allowing them to specify other users to share the bookmark with.


Receiving a New Bookmark

After the bookmark has been shared to a new user, that user will see a notification in their Bookmarks tab informing them of the new information. The recipient will see the option to accept the shared bookmarks, or can opt to delete them if they believe the bookmark was sent to them in error.


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