Exploration Canvas (Beta) Release Notes

Please follow the Exploration Canvas release notes to be notified of new changes and fixes!

Bug Fixes:

- Some SoQL queries which included a case statement were returning errors when opened in the Exploration Canvas.
- Joining to another asset, using the Column Manager to exclude all columns from the joined view, and then re-selecting any column from that joined view resulted in an error.
- The search field in the Join tab returned search results that included non-tabular views (like maps) which could not be joined.

- Resolved an issue in Exploration Canvas where re-ordering columns unselects any un-aliased calculations.

- Removed the global footer from the Exploration Canvas and Primer page.

- Resolved an issue where a parameter default was not editable when editing a view.
- Resolved an issue where editing an API field name in Exploration Canvas caused the field name to revert after saving.
- Resolved an issue where duplicate column references in the SoQL editor of Exploration Canvas leads the window to hang.
- Resolved an issue where derived views based on a private view is automatically published as private instead of offering an audience selector.

- Ensured error text is surfaced to users of Exploration Canvas when a non-existent parameter is referenced in a query.
- Resolved an issue where row counts were not updated when parameter values were changed.


For more information on The Exploration Canvas please visit:
Exploration Canvas Beta Program Overview
Introducing the Exploration Canvas (Beta) 

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