Exploration Canvas Beta Program Overview (Open Data)

The Exploration Canvas is a new platform surface for data exploration, data shaping, and derived view creation. It is still undergoing active development to add more features and functionalities. 

This article contains information on the Beta Program. For details about the Exploration Canvas itself, please visit this article.

Beta Program Details

  • During the beta, users can choose when and whether to utilize the Exploration Canvas, without it impacting their existing workflows. (See “Accessing the Exploration Canvas” below.)

  • Living Beta: Updates and improvements are made to the Exploration Canvas on a regular basis (i.e. weekly).

Accessing the Exploration Canvas

This “Beta” banner appears when an asset is compatible with the Exploration Canvas. It displays on asset primer pages and in the Grid View.

Click “Try it Now” to open the asset in the Exploration Canvas. Otherwise, click the “x” to dismiss these reminders for the duration of your session.


The Exploration Canvas also includes a quick “Return to Grid View” option.



Living Beta

The Exploration Canvas continues to undergo active development. Keep up with changes by checking out our Beta Release Notes.

Upcoming Functionality

The same basic data exploration and data shaping functionality currently offered in the Grid View is currently available in the Exploration Canvas. However, even more exciting features are actively being built, and will be added to the Exploration Canvas over the course of regular updates.

This chart indicates what to expect, using the current Grid View as a reference:


Grid View

Exploration Canvas



Open Data Beta (Oct. 2021)

Coming Soon

View and page through data table



Search data table



Filter and sort columns




Sort on multiple columns / set sort order


Quick filter via column header

Remove and reorder columns

Group columns

Create aggregate columns

Create calculated columns


Use “read-only” data shaping to explore published assets


Create derived views

Copy derived views


Adjust size of Visual Query Editor


Share asset to social media

Export data

We Want to Hear from You!

We are excited to hear feedback from users of the beta Exploration Canvas. Your feedback will inform the continued development of this feature. Share your thoughts with us!

To make the feedback process as simple as possible, our Client Success and Software Support teams have coordinated to ensure that all feedback related to this feature reaches the Product Development team. Feel free to share your thoughts through any of the following venues:

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