Flexible Layout Beta Program Overview

The Flexible Layout is a brand new feature in Stories for users to dynamically drag and drop, resize, and rearrange blocks. It arrives as a beta experience on all Data & Insights domains in October 2022.

This article contains information on the Beta Program. For details about how to use Flexible Layout itself, click here.

Beta Program Iterations & Details

  • Beta for all: Users who have the ability to create Stories will have the option to create a new Story and utilize the Flexible Layout. Users will still have the option to create a Story with the current, classic layout. Once a user selects a layout, they will not be able to change or switch between options for that story.
  • Improvements and Feedback: We anticipate feedback, bugs, and improvement ideas from users. Once we collect that information, we will plan to release an improved Flexible Layout iteration.

Accessing Flexible Layout

Start by creating a Story.

From here, there are two options: Classic Mode and Flexible Layout


Once you’ve chosen a layout mode for your Story, you cannot select a new one. If you decide at any point that you’d like to switch to either Classic or Flexible, you will need to create a new Story.

Note: If you create a new story with flexible layouts and remove all the blocks, it will automatically become a Story with Classic Mode.

Classic Mode: What you know Stories as today, it contains specific content block configurations, templates, and offers a section toolbar to move and rearrange blocks within your Story.

Flexible Layout: Drag and droppable blocks that can be resized or rearranged within your Story, you are not limited to moving things via the section menu.

Upcoming Functionality

Currently Supported

Beta users are able to do the following:

  • Add a media blocks to their Story

  • Add a text blocks to their Story

  • Add a Global Filter Bar block to their Story

  • Drag and drop all blocks into their Story

  • Drag and drop all blocks within a single section of a Story

  • Resize media blocks within their Story

  • Resizing text blocks within their Story

Currently Not Supported

Beta users will not be able to do the following with the initial release (but you can expect this functionality to improve and be added to):

  • Resizing non-Socrata Visualizations within media blocks in their Story, including:

    • Resizing Images

    • Resizing HTML Embeds

    • Resizing YouTube embeds

    • Resizing Story Tile Embeds

  • Edit an existing Story using Flexible Layout

  • Add an author block to their Story

  • Add a spacer or divider to their Story

  • Add a Hero image to their Story

  • Add a Table of Contents to their Story

  • Using Templates in a Story using Flexible Layout

  • Drag and drop blocks between sections

We Want to Hear from You!

We are excited to hear feedback from users of the beta Flexible Layout for Stories. Your feedback will inform the continued development of this feature. Share your thoughts with us!

To make the feedback process as simple as possible, our Client Success and Software Support teams have coordinated to ensure that all feedback related to this feature reaches the Product Development team. Feel free to share your thoughts through any of the following venues:

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