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Kellie Fontes Apr 10 Announcements

Socrata Revitalizes Open Data Developers with New Community-Powered Developer Portal

We’re proud to announce the re-launch our Socrata Open Developer Portal as our commitment to providing the best developer experience possible. 

Our new developer portal is packed with content and features built to help developers get started with the Socrata Open Data APIs as quickly and easily as possible:

  • Step-by-step walkthroughs of API functionality along with runnable examples that query live APIs as well as integrations with API test tools that allow you to change and experiment each query

  • Deep API-level documentation of the datatypes, operations, and query functionality provided by both SODA and SoQL

  • New documentation and resources for the developers that work within our community of data publishers, in order to help them integrate their real-time data sources with their Socrata platforms

  • Better access to the connectors, SDKs, and libraries provided by Socrata and the developer community at large. In addition, many of those resources now have their own resource sites complete with documentation and how-to guides.

In the future, the Socrata Open Developer Portal will continue to be evolved with additional language-specific guides, examples, and resources. Our developer portal will hopefully become the hub of an active network of resources and activity for the Socrata developer community as a whole, including contributions from the developer community itself.


Socrata Launches New “Tech Blog” 

We’re also glad to announce the launch of a great new resource for learning about engineering, technology, and developer experience at Socrata. The new Socrata Tech Blog, for which this is the first post will feature:

  • Updates on changes and improvements to our developer experience

  • Details on the exciting work coming out of our developer community

  • A peek into the internal technological work produced by our engineering team that keeps it all humming

If you’re interested in keeping up to date about the goings on of technology at Socrata, please make sure you bookmark or subscribe to our new Tech Blog in order to always receive the latest news.

Kellie Fontes Apr 09 Announcements

On Friday April 11, 2014, Socrata will change all data.json catalog file URLs to more fully comply with the White House’s Project Open Data standard.  

As we previously announced, these changes have been in preview as “?version=2” for each data.json file URL and, while those versioned URLs will continue to work, the unadorned data.json file URLs will now comply with the updated support too.

If you have any questions, please contact support@socrata.com.


Ben McInnis

Director, Product


Kellie Fontes Apr 09 2 Announcements

Dear Customers - 

As reported by the New York Times:  

"A flaw has been discovered in one of the Internet’s key security methods, potentially forcing a wide swath of websites to make changes to protect the security of consumers. The problem was first discovered by a team of Finnish security experts and researchers at Google last week and disclosed on Monday. By Tuesday afternoon, a number of large websites, including Yahoo, Facebook, Google and Amazon Web Services, said they were fixing the problem..." 

Socrata is addressing this as well.  We have evaluated our systems and have identified those systems that are publicly exposed to the "Heartbleed" SSL Vulnerability (CVE-2014-0160) and have a plan to deploy the patch and deploy new SSL certificates.  The exposed systems will be patched by end of day tomorrow (4/10) and new SSL certificates with regenerated public/private encryption keys will be reissued by end of day Friday (4/11).  


Patrick Lamphere
Director of Security & Compliance

Kellie Fontes Mar 25 Announcements

The geocoding service has been restored and datasets can now be geocoded once again. 

Please check any datasets with address information which were set to geocode in the past two days - the location information would not have geocoded though you were still able to publish the dataset. You can re-geocode the datasets by using the replace functionality of the Append and Replace Wizard to trigger the service.


Send any questions you may have to support@socrata.com

Kellie Fontes Mar 25 Announcements

We are currently experiencing issues with our geocoding third party service.

This is manifesting in our platform as geocoding completing (so one can publish the dataset), with the location column failing to populate the latitude and longitude information for each address.

This issue will have affected all datasets set to geocode since 4:30PM PDT March 23rd. Once we resolve this issue these datasets will have to be re-geocoded which can be done via a replace.
We are working through the issue and apologize for this inconvenience.


Please send all questions to support@socrata.com, whereupon an agent will get back to you.


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