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Your Data & Insights Solution will be as successful as the people you have using it. Data & Insights' Education team provides role-based Learning Paths, which direct your staff to relevant courses that will thoroughly provide fluency with the Data & Insights' platform. With this in mind, our Education curriculum is specifically designed to ensure your entire team gets the most from your technology investment. Our qualified instructors can help equip teams of all skill and experience levels with the education needed to run a successful Data & Insights program.

With your Education Package, you’re ensuring that all of your Data & Insights users have access to the training they need to do their jobs - whenever they need it through the Data & Insights Education Portal at There’s no limit to the number of times classes can be taken, allowing users to repeat classes when they need a refresher or update on new features. There are no seat licenses either, so you can onboard new Data & Insights users at any time as your program grows to include new team members, departments, or agencies.

Benefits of Data & Insights Education

  • Unlimited access for your users to attend any course included in your package, anytime it’s offered.
  • A mix of virtual, self-led, and in-person training modules on solution features and methodology.
  • Formalized training for consistency and practice alignment so data quality is reliably high.
  • Quality instruction in a flexible capacity, so your team members can learn at their own speed.
  • We develop and run your detailed training program for your team.

Who Data & Insights Education Can Benefit

  • Program managers and administrators - get the most out of your investment by making sure you know how to leverage every feature in your Data & Insights stack, or get a closer look at a new solution you’re considering adding.
  • IT professionals and site administrators - configure your site, automate the flow of data, and manage users.
  • Newly added team members - get up to speed quickly and start making an impact the day after training.
  • Other agency team members - make better data-driven decisions across agency lines by training others on the Data & Insights stack so they can take advantage of the technology as well.

Education Packages



Standard Education

  • Unlimited access to all live and on-demand courses

Premium Education

  • Unlimited access to all live and on-demand courses. ​

  • Based on learning goals and needs, Premium clients receive one of the following two delivery options:
    • Onsite Training: Option to hold up to 4 days per year of training onsite at client's location with content from our selection of live courses, tailored to the customer’s data. At least 2 consecutive days required per visit with a maximum of 20 students per session; travel included.
    • Virtual Training: Alternative option to select two virtual cohort programs per year with content from our selection of live courses, tailored to the customer's data. Our virtual format can effectively scale up and down to meet your unique learning needs, leveraging webinars or more intimate, hands-on training based on audience size, and with the flexibility to route users toward training paths aligned to differentiated roles and functions. In the cohort, a group of 10-14 individuals can progress together, building competency in core data platform concepts, with the option to add multiple session offerings for larger audiences, or address groups of up to 50 users together via hands-off webinars. This option is provided as an effective alternate to onsite training.

  • Recorded sessions and course materials provided upon request.

Custom Education

  • Unlimited access to all live and on-demand courses
  • Customized education program:
    • We create live training courses based on your data, workflows, and processes. We deliver and/or conduct train-the-trainer courses for your training staff. 
    • We create video-based and interactive courses for you to own and utilize in your own Learning Management System.


What is a Cohort?

A cohort is virtual, instructor-led training where learners focus on specific learning outcomes in small groups over an intensive time horizon ranging from 1-4 weeks. Cohorts are offered in a format that best accomplishes customer objectives and audience needs, and provide an interactive setting for learners who are colleagues to build community, foster collaboration, and encourage progress toward a common goal.​

Accessing Data & Insights Education

Access to Data & Insights Education courses is available to our Data & Insights Education subscribers via our Education Portal at Clients will be given an Access Code to be used by personnel to register in the Education Portal. This Access Code expires on the client's annual renewal date and will be extended with the client's contract upon renewal.

If you wish to learn more about Data & Insights Education Packages, or your organization's current Education subscription, please contact your Client Success Manager. 

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