Update: As of April 2021, the email notifications setting will contain additional options for Gateway and Schedule Monitoring.

You can now be notified about a series of actions either on the domain or for watched assets, including publishing/updating a dataset, changing metadata or schema, making a dataset private or public, adding or removing collaborators, and more.

Viewing and Setting Notifications

Notifications and their settings can all be accessed through the notification bell located in the internal navigation bar.



By Selecting Settings, users can open up their notification settings and choose if they would like either an In-Product or email alert for actions taken on assets and accounts on the site. Users have the option to get notifications both via the domain notification bell and/or via email.


Watch a Dataset

Users can also now watch a dataset to get notifications on specific assets. The Watch this dataset button is accessible from the Actions drop-down in the upper right corner of the primer page. Once users have opted in, they will receive notifications for updates to the dataset.



Options Based on Role

The available notification options also differ based on a user's domain role. These fall into three different buckets: Admin, Non-Admin Roled Users, and Public Users. The below table shows the available features based on domain role:

Feature Preference Admin Other Role-Users Public Users
My Assets My assets are published, updated, deleted, or otherwise modified 
Watched assets: updates and other changes 
Assets I'm a collaborator on
Changes to approvals
All Assets New Asset is Published  
Metadata changes 
Data Changes
Permission changes to assets  
Collaborator changes to assets  
Deleted Assets  
Changes to approvals    
User Accounts Users accounts created, removed, role modified    


Suppressing email notifications

To suppress email notifications for specific accounts e.g service accounts please reach out to support at to enable the functionality on your domain.

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