You can now be notified about a series of actions either on the domain or for watched assets, including publishing/updating a dataset, changing metadata or schema, making a dataset private or public, adding or removing collaborators, and more.

Viewing and Setting Notifications

Notifications and their settings can all be accessed through the notification bell located in the internal navigation bar.


The bell will look as it has previously, but on click will open an in-product notifications curtain. This section will include All Updates, Status, and Alerts. Users can still see Product Updates by clicking on the update bar at the bottom of the curtain.


By Selecting Settings, users can open up their notification settings and choose to opt in or out of a set of notifications for specific assets, or all assets on the domain. Users have the option to get notifications both via the domain through the notification bell and via email.


Watch a Dataset

Users can also now watch a dataset to get notifications on specific assets. On each dataset's primer page, there will be a Watch button and flag that allows a user to opt-in to watch a particular asset. Users will then receive notifications for updates to the dataset.


Options Based on Role

The available notification options also differ based on a user's domain role. These fall into three different buckets: Admin, Non-Admin Roled Users, and Public Users. The below table shows the available features based on domain role:

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