January 2023 - Executive Insights Product Release

Introducing the new Executive Insights layout

We are thrilled to announce that we have released a new layout for Executive Insights to better match the look and feel of other Tyler products. Our hope is that this new layout will feel more familiar and therefore easier for our users to navigate.

These changes apply to all Executive Insights versions: ERP, Community Development, Assessment Connect, Court Analytics, eFile Analytics, Public Safety DSS Performance Dashboard, Payment Insights, and Economic Intelligence.


What’s changed?

We’ve made many changes, some large and some small, to make the site organization as clean and intuitive as possible.

Here is an overview of some of the larger changes:

“Omnibar” unified header bar

We’re now using the Tyler “Omnibar” as the header bar for Executive Insights. The Omnibar comes in two styles: Blue with white text (the default), or white with black text. This is a deviation from the custom header bar colors that we used to support. However, the Omnibar is used across various Tyler products, and will make it much easier for users to orient themselves when navigating between products. You can also choose to continue to display your organization’s logo in the upper left, instead of using the Tyler logo.

The Omnibar includes the following components:

  1. A drop-down Menu in the upper left corner that contains links to related sites and an Administration section for user management, branding, and keeping track of alerts and subscriptions.

  2. A Support icon with links to support resources and a user guide for how to use Executive Insights.

  3. An Alert Bell to keep track of your active alerts.

  4. A Profile icon where you can view your own user profile or sign out of the application.

Executive Insights Omnibar with drop-down menu open


Simplified Analysis experience

When clicking into a metric tile, you enter into our highly flexible Analysis experience. We heard feedback from some users that this experience could be overwhelming, and it wasn’t always easy to find the controls they needed.

To solve this problem, we’ve consolidated all of the universal controls into our new collapsable lefthand pane. These are the controls that apply to all chart types, such as the Date Filter and optional comparison period, other types of filters, and the Data Pivot controls, which allow you to easily switch between metrics and control which categories (or “dimensions”) you want to see in the chart.

In contrast, the controls that apply to specific chart types can be found under the Options dropdown for that chart type. In the example below, you can see the options that apply to a Snapshot bar chart, which include the number of bars you want to view, how those bars are sorted, and whether there is a secondary metric added to the bar chart.

Executive Insights Analysis experience
Executive Insights Analysis experience


Add a Comparison period

We heard feedback that being able to compare two (or more!) time periods was very important to users. In response to this, we’ve simultaneously beefed up and streamlined our comparison experience. Rather than having to seek out the individual comparison controls for each chart type, there is now a single, powerful “Comparison period” toggle that turns on comparison mode for any chart type.

When comparing to the same period in a different year, you can add up to five comparison periods.

Adding comparison periods in Executive Insights
Adding comparison periods in Executive Insights


Have feedback? Let us know!

If you have any feedback on the changes made, please let us know by clicking the orange Feedback button on your Executive Insights site. We’d love to hear from you!


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