Configuring Custom Metadata for data.json

In addition to setting up domain specific metadata to help provide contextual information to assets on the data site. Site administrators can also configure Metadata values that will translate to DCAT-US fields that are included in a site's data.json output. 

Common Core

To get started a "Common Core" field set needs to be added. Please review Creating Custom Metadata, for steps on how to to do so. Once added, the following table indicates the Data & Insights custom metadata field name and what DCAT value it will translate into in the data.json output.

Please note, if the Metadata field is added to a different field set or is not one of the listed field names in the table below, it will not appear in the data.json output of the data site. 

Common Core Metadata Field Name DCAT-US Field Name
Contact Name contactPoint.fn
Contact Email contactPoint.hasEmail
License* license
Collection isPartOf
Last Update modified
Unique Identifier identifier
Public Access Level accessLevel
Access Level Comment rights
Geographic Coverage spatial
Temporal Applicability temporal
Described By* describedBy
IsQualityData dataQuality
Update Frequency accrualPeriodicity
Homepage landingPage
Primary IT Investment UII primaryITInvestmentUII
Issued issued
System of Records systemOfRecords
Data Standard conformsTo
The values below can contain lists of values, in order for our platform to parse these correctly, individual values should be comma-separated. Example for - Language: "es-MX, en-US"
Bureau Code bureauCode
Program Code programCode
Theme theme
Language language
References references



This field will default to the Data & Insights platform's License metadata value if a value exists, if not, data.json output will use the Common Core License value.

For example, if the value for the Common Core “Described By” field is a filename like “data.csv,” then the associated DCAT values are:
"describedBy": "data.csv"
"describedByType": "text/csv"

The following fields have default values pulled from the asset if no Common Core value is specified.

This defaults to "Data Last Updated", if the asset has not been updated then the "Created At" value is used.

This defaults to the Category value if there is one.

This defaults to the API URI (eg, https://domain/api/views/1234-abcd).

This defaults to the "Updated At" value, which encompasses Metadata and Data Last Updated, if neither exists the "Created At" value is used.

This defaults to the domain name.

The default value is "public"

This defaults to the Prime Page of the asset.

This defaults to the Asset Owner's display name.

This defaults to the platform generated no-reply email address used for Email Notifications on the data site. Ex:

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