Open Budget Overview

Data & Insights' Open Budget module presents government budget information in an intuitive visual manner. Interactive charts and graphs allow users to “dig down” into the budget, exploring how funds are allocated across government departments, programs, and capital improvement projects. Users can also access the raw budget data that powers the visualizations, ensuring the highest degree of transparency and allowing the easy reuse of the data through API’s.

What's inside the app?

Users who are curious about a government's budget will find the following upon navigating to an Open Budget site:

  • Operating Budget: Allows users to see the operating revenues and expenses portion of the budget. Or more specifically the day-to-day expenses needed to keep the government's ongoing programs functioning.
    • The operating budget data is hierarchically organized into 4 levels: Service, Department, Program, Expense Category
  • Capital Budget: Allows users to see the part of the budget designated for one-time infrastructure and improvement projects such as roads and bridges. The Capital budget data is hierarchically organized into 3 levels within the app.
    • The capital budget data is hierarchically organized into 3 levels: Service, Category, Project

By searching or drilling down further into the budget and expense data, users are able to discover details concerning their government's budget.



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