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This article provides insight into search related functionality of data catalogs. This content is intended for site administrators and publishers. Customers using the old version of the catalog can find search related information in the following article: Navigating The Dataset Catalog.

Which metadata fields are included in catalog search results?

Each field below is indexed in our system to make finding datasets and derived assets fast and easy:



Dataset Title

“Road Weather Information Stations”


“This data is derived from sensor stations placed on bridges and surface streets within city limits.”


Public Safety

Tags (aka Topics) /Keywords  

road, weather, street, temperature, transportation

Column descriptions

Name of the sensor station

Column field names

Station Name

Column field names (API)  


(Data Provided By)      

Department of Transportation


We also use word stemming, which automatically includes common forms of the same root term. For example, searching for "educational," will also match “education”, “educating” and “educate”.

How long does it take for a new dataset or view to show up in search results?

Newly published datasets or views should be reflected in your catalog search results within a few minutes. If your site uses Approvals, assets will not display in the catalog until they have been approved. This applies to content created by any site user. 

If you are not able to find dataset or view in search results as expected, first verify that the permissions are currently set to Public. If your content is still not appearing, please contact our Support team by emailing

How is the order of catalog search results determined?

Catalog search result order is determined by a range of signals that combine to determine the relevance of each item relative to the user’s search term. The popularity of an item and its keywords influence relevance, as does the view type and the data federation status.

When the catalog page is initially loaded (i.e. there is no search yet performed) the results are ordered by popularity as determined by view count.

It is not possible to manually order results.

On, how are the Data & Insights-provided tags and categories determined?

When datasets and derived views are published and public on your site, the Data & Insights platform utilizes a variety of machine-learning classification rules and models to apply tags and categories that make it easier to find in search results on your site and on ODN. While these are utilized to improve search relevance on your site, the Data & Insights-provided tags and categories are only visible on

Can I use advanced search operators in my search queries?

Searches can only be performed using simple keywords and will only produce full-word matches. Operators, such as boolean, will not produce results.

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