Open Performance Cloud Release Notes 6/4/18

Adding Multiple Filters to Your Calculated Rate

We’ve added additional filtering to rate calculations for measures. Previously, you could filter only by a single field for the numerator and denominator. Now, when you create a measure with a rate calculation, you can add multiple filters to both the numerator and denominator.

And how can this be used? In the example below, imagine that you have a data source that has city building permit data, but you want to calculate the proportion (or rate) of current new commercial construction permits with no scheduled review plans:


In this example, the numerator is setup to filter by the permit Type, Action Type, and Category. The following is the resulting measure:



Note: This is currently only available for rate calculations. We will be adding this functionality to other calculation types in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Bug Fixes and Patches

  • Fixed a bug in the “Include missing or null values” checkbox on the Calculation tab. Excluding missing or null values should work as expected now.
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