Open Performance Cloud Release Notes 8/24/18


Due to the overwhelming prevalence of quarterly reporting in performance programs, quarters are now a reporting period type that can be selected in the measures edit modal. We expect this change to enable not only more measures to be created by our customers, but to have those measures reflect the actual reporting cadence of our customers’ performance programs.  

In order to setup and define your year start month (and thus quarter start month), email, provide them with your Socrata site URL, and ask to set a specific month as your year start. Some domains define their year start month as January, while others might default to, for example, July. The Support team can setup this default year start month as soon as they receive this request.  

While each site can only have one default year start month, individual measures can override this start month via the measures edit modal. 

Note: If a measure has been created with a quarterly reporting period and then the default year start month is changed, these previously created measures will not change to inherit the new default year start month configuration. Users will need to manually update any measures previously created if the quarter configuration needs to change.  

The following is how quarters appear on a measure: 


When you create or edit your measure, you will see Quarters in the following sections of the edit modal: 

Reporting Period 


Display Options 




Reporting Period Start Date → X-Axis Start Date 

We have re-named “Reporting Period Start Date” to “X-Axis Start Date” for two reasons. The first reason is our user testing showed that the prior naming convention was confusing to users. The second reason is that we are preparing to add a field called “Calculation Start Date” so that users can separate the start of a calculation from the x-axis start. This ultimately will enable cumulative (or rolling) measures. The contrast of “X-Axis Start Date” and “Calculation Start Date” should clearly indicate to users the distinct purpose of each field.  

In addition to this renaming, the X-Axis Start Date has also been moved to the Display Options tab. You will see Quarter as an option for viewing your current reporting period information. 


Singular versus Plural Labels 

We’ve added the flexibility to let a user define how a label appears if it is singular versus plural, as seen below: 


Measures created prior to this release will retain the label as defined in the column header and this label will populate the “Singular” field. If a user wishes to change these labels, they can do so any anytime by creating a draft of the measure, redefining the singular and plural labels, and saving the change.  


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