Customization of Measure metric visualization Y-axis coming soon (May 28, 2019)

Coming Soon!

Expected release – 2 weeks

  • Users will soon be able to customize their metric visualization's Y-axis.

Expected release – 2-3 months

  • Users will soon be able to insert a table of contents into a Story.
  • We are updating Perspectives roles to better enable users to create and collaborate on Stories. When a Story is shared with a user, the user will be able to view and/or collaborate on that story even if this user does not have a role with permission to create and edit Stories.

Major Updates

  • We have removed relative date filters from measures in order to make room for an improved rolling measure to come at a later date.
  • When connecting a data source that contains a date+timezone column to a measure, users will now see the appropriate error messaging stating they must reconfigure the dataset to be a date with no timezone column.

Minor Updates

  • Fixed a small bug in which the date picker did not render when cumulative math was selected.

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