Organization dashboards coming soon - June 17, 2019

Coming Soon!

Expected release – ~1-2 months

  • SCGC users will have a dashboard where they can centrally view users across all sites within their organization. 

Major Updates

  • Users and teams will now receive notifications when items are approved, rejected, or withdrawn from the approval queue.

Minor Updates

Administration & User Management

  • Role changes now require confirmation by the acting user.
  • Updated the user disablement feature to enable Administrators (and others with the ability to manage users) to modify a user's role after they have been disabled.
  • Fixed an issue causing assets with the Internal audience to label themselves as Private in some cases.

Data Ingress & Updates

  • Fixed several issues with SoQL query defined views including incompatibility with URL columns, an issue causing the preview not to render for column names containing underscores, and an issue where the records displayed in the grid view were not updated when the query was updated. 
  • Fixed an issue causing exports of SoQL views in some cases not to export properly.
  • Caused an issue where an additional save button appeared in certain private views.
  • Fixed an issue causing percent columns to render as decimals on views with hidden columns.
  • Fixed an issue causing query-based views not to populate data in some cases.


  • Resolved an issue with the Measures Detailed Metadata tab. Users can now navigate to the /metadata page.


  • Fixed an issue causing public views to become private upon publication.
  • Resolved an issue with federation which disabled users from viewing federated visualizations.
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