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Open Finance

Financial data can often be challenging and jargon-heavy for individuals who don’t spend their days working within budget or finance offices. Even knowing that budget and spending information comes from two different departments is not something your average citizen may be aware of.

To help your citizens discover the information they are looking for more quickly and easily, Finance Insights provides the “one-stop-shop” landing page for all financial data. As an administrator of multiple Financial Insights modules (such as Open Budget, Open Checkbook, and Open Payroll), you can now create a single homepage experience to not only provide an easy search experience across all your financial data, but also present a unified overview of how your organization is performing from both the budgeting and spending perspective.


Your users can now come to one place to understand what money is being spent, how that fits with the current budget, and then drill into a specific module as desired.

If you currently use two or more of the Financial Insights modules and would like to set up your Finance Insights site, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or  so we can get you started with everything you’ll need!

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