Capital Projects Explorer FAQ

Yes you can, but the dataset must be set up using the ESRI connector at domain/admin/connections. They must be connected as maps, not an external dataset.

Once you have added a sub category column into your Dataset, there is a two step process to add these sub categories to the Explorer. First, in Field Mappings on the site admin site, add the column with your data through the drop-down. Next, navigate to Configurations -> Project Types and add the Sub Categories to each Category Type.

At this time, there is no ability to change how dates are formatted in CPE. By default, fields configured as dates in the project details area show up in the verbose (June 8th, 2016) format.

Project icons are configured in the admin panel under Configurations > Project Types. From there you can configure both a light and dark icon to be used for your project.

You cannot attach a document directly to the page but you can use the Website field mapping to link to externally hosted documents.

Yes, though this is not a readily customer-completable task. In Branding > Map Configurations, there is a setting called Base Map, which accepts a Mapbox map style. Please contact for additional mapping styles.

No. Currently, only labels can be added to the district filter but not flyouts. The font type and size of the labels is also not configurable.

No. The panels currently have a fixed width.

Currently, the search functionality will only reference the project titles on the module

Yes, if a shape dataset is not provided, the Project Explorer will not render a map.

The district map dataset is not required

Project shape and project details can come from the same dataset if configured in that way. That does impose a 1:1 requirement for project:project shapes.

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