Socrata Citizen Connect Release Notes for 11/13/17

Region View Enhancements

One of the core capabilities of the Citizen Connect tool is the ability to analyze data by region, and compare different regions against each other in a standard way. While this functionality is hugely important to our users, there is a lot of additional comparative insight that our users want to see in that view.


In this release, we have put out a tremendous update to the Choropleth map view, including the ability to see region-by-region trends, and the ability to see aggregated statistics when multiple regions are selected.

With this enhancement, users can now more easily benchmark data across different regions, see historical trends, and understand how different regions compare and contrast with each other.

This functionality is available to all customers immediately, and can be easily enabled in the administrative panel under Configuration Options.


Thematic Map Options

Since its launch, Citizen Connect’s functionality has been focused on the ability to analyze data geospatially, focusing on the number of incidents that occurred in a given region for its analysis. In other words, its core functionality is to analyze data based on a “count” of incidents.


In reality, however, we know that not all incidents are created alike. For data like building permits, that have a permit value, or fire incidents, which may include data about response times.

Now, administrators have the ability to define Thematic Map Attributes, which convert the Citizen Connect experience from one oriented around analyzing counts of incidents to one analyzing value. For example, with this functionality a site could easily toggle between the number of building permits issued per council district and the value of permits per district. A Connect application focused on analyzing fire data could show both the number of 911 calls per district as well as the average response time to those incidents.

Read this Knowledge Base article for more details.


Annual Data Mode

Another significant enhancement that we have made available for Citizen Connect customers is the ability to configure the application for annual data, instead of transactional data like crimes or 311 calls.


Now, Citizen Connect supports the ability to load annual, metric-style data into its interface, and benchmark, compare, and analyze that data over time. For agencies using data from the Census or other indicators for their analysis, this capability will make it much easier to perform on-the-fly analysis and see how different geographic regions are growing and changing over time.


Small Updates & Bug Fixes

  • Added ability to show/hide the save button.
  • Added ability to show/hide filter badges on the site.
  • Added the ability to add a definition to a shapefile below the minimap, to help users understand what a given set of boundaries means.
  • Added the ability to show choropleth data either above or below the street layer on the map.

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