Update to Column Metadata in SoQL Derived Views

Column metadata is now supported on SoQL derived views. (SoQL derived views can only be created on the Enterprise Data Platform., but they can be federated to Open Data Platforms.) These views now inherit column metadata from their parent datasets. This metadata includes; column display names, column descriptions, and also column formatting (e.g. a number column formatted to appear as currency).


Things to note: 

  • New SoQL derived views created after this release will automatically inherit the same column metadata as the default assets they were derived from.

  • Columns in existing SoQL derived views(created before this release), will not be automatically updated with new metadata.

(While this release brings a valuable improvement, we will not be making changes to any of our customers' assets without their prior consent.)

  • Similarly, columns on existing SoQL derived views will not be affected by upstream publication cycles.

  • Existing SoQL derived views will inherit their parents' column metadata only when the derived views themselves are updated or republished. (This is to avoid making changes to customers' assets without their knowledge.)

  • Column metadata can now be edited directly on SoQL derived views similar to filtered views. To edit column metadata, click on the Edit button on a draft 


then click on Edit Columns


users can then navigate to a column, edit its metadata and save the changes here 



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