Viewers & Collaboration on Enterprise Data Domains

In order to share an asset with a user, as either a viewer or a collaborator, they will first need to be given a user role on your site.

Manage Viewers

A published asset can have three different levels for who can view the asset.

manage viewers.png

Private - Only the owner, collaborators and specified individuals/teams are able to view the asset.
Internal - All members of the organization are able to view the asset.
Public - (This view level requires the asset to be approved) Both internal and external users are able to view the asset.

Once the asset has been finalized and is published, the access level of the asset can be set through the “Manage Viewers” button.

Please note that assets that are said to Public will often be subject of the Approval queue before being available to all users. 

Manage Collaborators

After a dataset or view has been created, this includes draft and unpublished versions, collaborators can be added to help edit, review, and publish the asset. A collaborator will, also, be able to add additional collaborators, change the access level for viewing the asset, and delete the asset.

manage collaborators.png

Note: Only Administrators and asset owners can transfer ownership.

From the Manage Collaborators pop-up window, the asset owner or other collaborators can invite specific users or teams to contribute to the asset.


To remove collaborators, simply click the “X” button next to the user or team’s name:


Once you have added the collaborators, simply click save to apply your changes. The new collaborators will now be able to discover and edit the draft and published version of the asset.

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