Create and Manage Teams

What is a Team?

On the Enterprise Data Platform, a team is a set of users grouped together for the purposes of sharing and collaboration (e.g., publishing/sharing to a team, adding a team as a collaborator). If there are specific groups of users that will consistently need to be granted the same level of access to particular assets, creating a team is a great way to manage access control securely and efficiently.

How do I Create a Team?

  1. In order to create a new team, navigate to the Users & Teams section of your site by clicking on the gear icon in the gray internal navigation bar and selecting Users & Teams.
  2. On the Users & Teams page, click on the Teams tab.
  3. Click the Add New Team button on the right-hand side of the page.
  4. Enter a Team Name as well as a Description of the team.
  5. Finally, click Add New Team.

How do I Add Users to a Team?

  1. On a team’s administration page, click on the blue Add Team Members button to add individual roled users to this team by their name or email address. Users can also add up to 100 users in bulk by pasting in a comma-separated list of emails.  Please Note: Only users with a role on the domain with the "Allowed to Collaborate on Assets" permission can be added to a team. And to add users to a team, the user has to have domain-level administrator permission or have a custom role that at least allows the user to Manage Teams.
  2. To remove a user from a team, simply navigate to a team’s administration page and select the Actions button next to the user.
  3. Click Remove from Team.

How do I modify a Team Name or Description?

  1. To modify a team name or description, navigate to the Users & Teams section, click on Teams, and then click on the Actions button next to the team you want to modify.
  2. Select Edit Team Details.
  3. After editing the team name and/or description, click Save to commit your change(s).

How do I get Team info I can use outside of the platform?

The ability to export platform tables to CSV is a valuable auditing and distribution tool that Site Admins can leverage with all of the team-related tables on their domain. Below each table you will see a button for Export to CSV. This will allow you to export a CSV with the list of all the teams on your domain, as well as the list of users on each team.

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