Teams as Owners of Assets on Enterprise Data Domains

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How to Transfer Ownership to a Team

Teams is a feature of the Enterprise Data Platform. Admins and users with management permissions of an asset can transfer ownership of an asset to a team in the same way they would transfer ownership to a user. Admins can transfer ownership of any asset and all roled users can transfer ownership of any asset they own.

1. From the asset, click on the Actions kebab in the Action Bar and select Transfer Ownership.


2. From the Transfer Ownership modal, search for the name of the team you would like to transfer ownership of the asset to in the ‘New Owner’ search box.


3. Select the team and click Transfer.

My Team Owns an Asset, Now What?

Once an asset has been transferred to your team a few things happen:

  • All members of the team can act as owners of the asset. This means any team member can edit, manage collaborators, manage viewers, transfer ownership, and delete the asset.
  • The team will appear as the owner of the asset on all platform surfaces. This includes on the Primer and in all Asset Browsers.
  • Update your team email. The team email can be established upon creation of the team and can be updated in the Edit Team Details modal under Admin>Teams>Edit Team Details. The team email cannot be the email of any registered Data & Insights user. This email may be used as the default contact email on team-owned assets (more details below).



  • Team-owned datasets that do not have an email specified in the metadata for the Contact Dataset Owner form will default to using the team’s email in the form. If the team does not have an email and no email is specified in the asset’s metadata, the Contact Dataset Owner button will not appear on the primer for that dataset.
  • Notifications for assets your team owns follow the same configuration for the assets you own individually. Notification settings can be configured under Alerts & Notifications > Settings > “My Assets, including team” settings.
  • The team cannot be deleted (see below).

Where can I see Assets my Team(s) Own?

Users can view all assets owned by any team they are a member of under the ‘My Team Assets' tab in the Asset Manager. The Asset Manager is found on the Profile Page or under Admin > Assets.


Users can also filter the Asset Manager by owner. Select your team under the Owned By filter facet on the ‘Shared To Me’ or ‘All’ tab. Now the Asset Manager will only display assets owned by that team.


Deleting a Team that Owns Assets

Teams that own assets cannot be deleted to ensure that their assets are not left without an owner. Prior to deleting a team all assets owned by the team must be transferred to another user or team or deleted.

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