Weekly updates (December 12, 2022)

  • Community assets will now display the 'Community Created' badge in a more visible location, above the asset title, on Primer and Visualization pages.

  • Resolved an issue where community users were not able to save filtered views in exploration canvas.

  • Resolved an issue with number filters in the Quick Filter Bar not rendering correctly in Firefox.

  • Resolved an issue where null or missing values were not rendering as expected.

  • Resolved an issue where a visualization was not rendering in a Story.

  • Resolved an issue where custom colors were not rendering correctly when the visualization was grouped by a date/time column.

  • Resolved an issue on our Open Data Platforms where some private assets based on public datasets would become public upon editing the asset. This was only occurring on ODPs with auto approvals enabled.

If you have any questions about our platform, please reach out to us at socrata-support@tylertech.com and let us know!

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