Administrative Panel for Open Checkbook

Those who have an administrator role on their Public Finance Insights can manage, update, and customize the settings for their Open Checkbook app. Below we will outline the administrative panel:

Dataset Mapping: This tab displays the location for the expenditures ledger dataset and vendors list dataset. This is also where you will configure the information from within the dataset so that it renders correctly on your site.

This is also where you can configure your Checkbook and Payment views.

Branding: Under this tab, you can customize many of the headers, links and images on your home page.

You can customize the title, logo and color of the header bar, and you may add up to five links in the header bar. Make sure to take advantage of the descriptions and suggestions next to each field. 

Under the Home Page section lies the Jumbotron. This is the catch all for what is displayed on your homepage you can also add a hero image (this is the background image that shows up behind your Open Checkbook module Title and Introduction). To add a hero image, you will need to upload the image to a file storage service, such as your organization’s content management system or upload to your Data & Insights open data portal as a “non data file.” Once uploaded, you can paste the image URL into the Hero Image URL box. Darker images work best, as the text on top of the image is white. The Hero Image Tint dropdown allows you to darken your image so that the text is more readable.

Note: All cards that allow for HTML text will display "Formatting your content in HTML is allowed here." 

Annotations: This tab allows for adding an annotation to denote partial or incomplete years of data which will display on the site. If your module has a vendors list dataset, you can also add in entity annotations here.

Other Settings: Configuration options can be found under this tab. For example, administrators can add a site password or a Google Analytics Code.

Colors: Administrators can update the color palette of the site under this tab using Hex Color Codes

Related Content: Annotations are brief explanatory statements you can add to the top of sections of your expenditure drill down to give context to the information shown. This tab allows admins to edit these!




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