Open Checkbook Overview

Data & Insights' Open Checkbook presents transaction-level details of a government's expenditures. The module allows the public and internal stakeholders to easily understand and explore complex financial information, including checkbook-level details of spending. Customers can keep the experience entirely up-to-date by automatically publishing new data to the Data & Insights platform. End users are able to learn about the spending and contracting of their cities and find specific, detailed answers to a wide variety of questions.

What's inside the module?

Users who are curious about a government's spending will find the following upon navigating to an Open Checkbook site:

  1. Top Department: Allow users to see the departments with the most spending in the currently selected fiscal year.
  2. Top Vendor: Users can view a breakdown of payments to vendors across Departments, funds, and expense categories. 
  3. Top Expense Category: Allows users to see the spending based on expense category over time, and to easily explore the full history of an agency-vendor relationship. 

By searching or drilling down further into the spending profiles above, you can discover details concerning the spending plans of your government!


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