Metadata schema

Below is the standard "out of the box" metadata schema. Administrators have the ability to customize this schema by adding in more fields for better metadata management.

This metadata is also used to create the Asset Inventory dataset.

Note: The fields listed below cannot be removed from the schema. The only required field presented below is the Dataset Title. 

General Information

  • Dataset Title
  • Brief Description
  • Category 
  • Tags / Keywords: Enter one or more keywords separated by commas
  • Row Label: Describe what each row in the dataset represents (if applicable)

Licensing & Attribution

  • License Type: Choose licensing terms for people who wish to use this dataset
  • Data Provided By
  • Source Link

Semantics & RDF

This section of the metadata is not commonly used, but dataset owners occasionally populate these fields to further categorize their datasets. Both items listed in this section are related to RDF, which stands for “Resource Description Framework.” It’s a data format used to designate relationships through what’s known as a graph database. Row Class and Subject Column are two optional mapping properties used within that specification.

The RDF information isn’t exposed in the dataset until the file is exported, and is commonly left blank.

  • Row Class
  • Subject Column

API Endpoint

  • Resource Name
  • Row Identifier

Thumbnail Image

  • Upload Image: This image will be cropped into a square

Contact Information

  • Contact Email: This address will not be displayed publicly, but inquiries submitted via the "Contact Dataset Owner" button will be routed to this email. If left blank, it will default to the dataset owner email address
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