Weekly updates (January 11, 2023)

  • Resolved an issue where changing the schema of a federated filtered view caused an error.

  • Resolved an issue where some community users were not able to save a filtered view in Exploration Canvas.

  • Parameter edits on a derived view will now show in the “see what’s changed” section of the review modal when publishing a draft.

  • Resolved an issue in the grid view where the create view button was clickable even when disabled for guests who have been added to a view.

  • Added the ability to convert fixed_timestamp values to the number of seconds since 1 January 1970 GMT using the epoch_seconds function.

  • Resolved an issue where text filters in the global filter bar of stories were not usable.

  • Resolved an issue with pie charts rendering incorrectly with the new Tyler Design System enabled.

  • Resolved an issue where users were sometimes getting redirected to the wrong page after accepting our Terms of Service agreement.

  • Resolved an issue where a site’s custom color palette was not displaying on an embedded visualization in a federated story on the target domain.

  • Resolved a bug where the full list of filter options on measures was not displaying correctly on smaller screens.

If you have any questions about our platform, please reach out to us at socrata-support@tylertech.com and let us know!

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