Default Column Metadata For Computed Region Columns

We are excited to expand the concept of default column metadata for all computed region columns. Computed region columns are system-generated columns that are created any time a Spatial Lens is applied to datasets with point column data. Once generated, these columns are used in defining boundaries based on the provided point columns.

Up until now, default column metadata was only applied to computed region columns that were generated through the dataset management page when any quick-add spatial lenses were enabled. With this release, users will begin seeing these computed region column and their default metadata in the Exploration Canvas, and when creating a choropleth map in the Visualization Canvas. Adding both the columns and metadata to these surfaces creates a more consistent data viewing experience across the platform, while also providing detailed information on what is contained in these system columns.

The below screenshot is an example of what the default column metadata is for a computed region column. This example is taken from the Exploration Canvas:


Common questions

What types of columns does this metadata apply to?

In addition to computed region columns, default column metadata is also applied when a column is created on a new view built in the SoQL Editor of Grid View. In those instances, the metadata reads “Column created from a SoQL query."

Can I edit this metadata myself?

No. The metadata cannot be changed from its default. This helps with keeping these column descriptions uniform across a domain.

Can I prevent this metadata from being applied?

No. This metadata is applied by default to all computed region columns upon publication. 

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