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We are excited to announce a new look and feel to the Dataset and Derived View Overview Page for all our users! The Overview Page, also known as the primer page or landing page, is where users typically land when looking for a dataset or derived view, and the old layout can be seen in the screenshot below.

What’s New

We have made a number of changes to the layout and functionality of the Overview Page to better align with how our users interact with the platform on a daily basis.

Improved Navigation Experience

To improve access to the most valuable information available on the Overview Page, we updated the layout of the page to have multiple tabs. The tabs that are now available to customers are “Overview”, “Data”, and “Related Content”. Let’s explore each of these tabs in more detail.

Overview Tab

The Overview tab is where users will land first when landing on the Overview Page, and is the most similar to the Overview Page of the past. Content from the old Overview Page that will exist there in the future includes: “Featured Content”, “About This Dataset”, “What’s In This Dataset?”, “Columns In This Dataset”, and the “Dataset Changelog”, when applicable. The data preview table and “Related Content” section have been broken out into their own tabs.

One change to the Overview Tab users may notice is a new “Actions” menu. To make navigation and interactions on the page more inline with customer expectations, we have moved the action buttons that were located throughout the old Overview Page and consolidated them into a single menu.


Data Tab

The data preview table is now available in the Data tab. In order to better align with our users workflows, we have updated this table to better provide a simple data exploration experience on our platform. Users can now search their data and apply filters to their data in a surface that is built for that exact purpose. Users exporting this data will now have the option to export all the data, or the subset of data they created.

To copy a row:

  • Select the row you want to copy, which will highlight the row, then copy with the keyboard shortcut: 
    • PC: Ctrl+C
    • Mac: CMD+C

To copy a single cell value:

  • Select the cell you want to copy, this will highlight the row for that cell.
  • Select the cell again while holding down either Ctrl on PC or CMD on Mac, this will outline the cell.
  • You can then copy the cell using the appropriate keyboard shortcut and you'll notice the cell is highlighted when it is copied.

To copy multiple values:

  • Select cells while holding down either Ctrl on PC or CMD on Mac, which will outline the selected cells.
  • You can then copy the cells using the appropriate keyboard shortcut and you'll notice the cells are highlighted when they are copied.


Related Content Tab

The “Related Content” section of the old Overview Page has been relocated to its own tab. The new “Related Content” tab shows more related items by default, and will be displayed in a more modern way. We have added the ability to filter by related content type, and various ways to sort the contents. You can even search for related content!
searcn and sort related content.png


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