October 2023 Product Release

Platform Updates

Overview Page Upgrades

We are excited to announce we are making several visual and functional upgrades to the Dataset and Derived View Overview Page, also known as the Primer Page.

Updates include:

  • Separate tabs for “About”, “Data”, and “Related Content”, creating a separation of usage that aligns with how our users interact with the platform today.

  • An update to direct users to the pieces of information they find most valuable.

  • Updating the data preview table to be full width on its own tab.

  • Improved functionality on the data preview table for searching, filtering and more.

  • Related content is now available in its own tab, with advanced asset discovery coming soon!

Please see this support article for more details: Updates to the Data & Insights "Primer", a Dataset's Landing Page.

Custom Global Banner

Customers can now insert a custom global banner on all pages of their domain for all users. This addresses an important concern - making sure citizens and internal employees know that the website they are visiting is trustworthy through a banner which reads “This is an Official Website of the State of Evergreen!”

Custom global banners will:

  • accept CSS, JavaScript and HTML

  • be accessible via the Admin Panel

  • be available to both Open Data and Enterprise Data Platform customers

Please see this support article for more details: Adding a Custom Global Header.

Developer Documentation Updates

We are making changes to our API documentation which will impact our Discovery, Metadata, Dataset Management, OData and API Key services.

These APIs are currently documented in Apiary, which is outside the developer portal. We are moving this documentation into our developer portal, making them easier to navigate to and from and more consistent with the rest of our developer documentation.

These changes will be live by the end of October 2023. 

Deprecations and Removals

Classic Calendar Upgrade

Our work to upgrade all classic calendars is ongoing. We successfully recreated all classic calendars that met upgrade criteria with our new calendar visualization. Over the next month, our team will be working to ensure new calendar visualizations can be accessed using the same urls as the classic calendars and to remove all remaining classic calendars on customer domains. This upgrade is only applicable to the small number of customers who still have classic calendars on their domains.

If you have questions, please reach out to Support or your Customer Success Manager.

Grid View Deprecation and Removal

Early in September, we announced our intention to better align with our users' workflows by deprecating Grid View in favor of newer and more advanced surfaces on our platform. While this change is beneficial to our users, we also recognize that change can be difficult and wanted to give users as much advanced notice as possible. Grid View will be deprecated for datasets and derived views in March 2024, with deprecations for other asset types to follow.

More information can be found in the email sent to platform administrators on September 19th, 2023, notifying them of the change. There is no action needed now, and we will continue to communicate as the date gets closer to ensure this is a smooth transition. If you have questions, please reach out to Support or your Customer Success Manager.

Data Lens Deprecation and Removal

In March, we announced our plan to deprecate Data Lens, which will be replaced by Stories. Stories offer data visualization and exploration capabilities, enabling users to view multiple perspectives of data within a single dataset. Additionally, Stories allow the seamless integration of text, images, and other contextual information around visualizations, enhancing the storytelling capabilities of your data. As part of the final deprecation phase, all Data Lenses will be removed and references to Data Lenses on your sites will be deleted by December 4, 2023.

Please see this support article for more details: Data Lens Deprecation Final Notice

If you have any questions about our platform, please reach out to us at datainsights-support@tylertech.com and let us know!

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