How to query more than 1000 rows of a dataset

Right now our API has a limit of returning 1000 rows of data at a time when querying the dataset. To query more than 1000 rows, there are two ways to go about this.

Using the off set parameter

Use the '$offset=' parameter by setting it to 1000 increments which will allow you to page through the entire dataset 1000 rows at a time. 

Using the limit parameter

Another way is to use the '$limit=' parameter which will set a limit on how much you query from a dataset. SODA 2.0 API endpoints have a max limit of 50,000 records while SODA 2.1 endpoints have no upper limit.

Pro tip: You can also use both together, for example, to retrieve the “4th page” of records (records 151 - 200) where you are using $limit to page 50 records at a time, you’d ask for an $offset of 150:$limit=50&$offset=150


For more information on limits, please follow this link on the Data & Insights Developer site.

For more information on off sets, please follow this link.

For more information on paging through data, please follow this link.

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