Importing FAQ

Can I update my dataset automatically?

Yes! You can automate your dataset to be regularly updated by using one of our integration options. For example, your organization may have an internal database with constantly updating information that you want to be reflected in your open data portal.


How does file size effect importing data?

Datasets can vary in file size depending on the number of rows, columns, format, etc. The Socrata platform can host both small and large datasets, but the method of importing a dataset will depend on file size.

If the dataset you wish you import is:

Less than 750 MB

There are no restrictions for datasets under 750 MB. You can import manually with the web interface or automatically use one of our several integration options.

Greater than 750 MB

It is not possible to import files greater than 750MB through the web interface. For datasets greater than 750 MB you can use an integration option. Alternatively, you can host a large file on an external server (eg. AWS) and host a link on the platform via "Import as External Link".

Non-Data Files

There is a 1 GB limit for uploading non-date files into Socrata. Files exceeding this limit will fail during upload.

Note: With the New Publishing Experience, the file size limits are increased so that you will be able to upload tabular and non-tabular data files that are up to 4 GB!

Is it possible to import multiple files at once? 

It is currently not possible to import multiple files at once through the web interface. To import multiple files you would need to program a solution using the publisher API.


Why am I receiving an import error?

When you receive an error during import, it usually means you need to make some small changes or adjustments to your data or settings. Here is an article about what your error message means and how to find a solution.


What does ETL stand for?

ETL stands for extract, transform, and load. This refers to the process data goes through to make integration possible between systems. For example, the integration between an excel document on your desktop and the dataset on your Socrata platform.


Where can I find more information about previous publishing jobs?

Site Publishers and Admins can review the Activity Log page in the admin section of your site. You can read more about the options available on this page in our article on the Activity Log.

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