Guide to Publishing Data

This support article will describe how Socrata’s publishing solution works along with tutorials on best practices to format data files prior to importing them to the platform and publishing them.

How publishing workflow works

  • An Overview of the Publishing Workflow - what the workflow is and its benefits
  • Understanding User Roles - the ability to import data to a Socrata data portal depends on the site, a user’s site role and their permissions. This article will describe the roles and permissions needed to make changes to a dataset.  

Importing data

  • Using The New Import Experience - A guide to using Socrata's new web-based importing tool!
  • Importing, Data Types and You! - find out what file types are allowed on import (csv, Excel, etc.) and what data types (plain text, numeric, money, etc.) are supported before and after import.
  • How to Upload a Dataset via the Web Interface - a step-by-step tutorial going through the stages of importing a data file -- selecting the data file to upload, the data scan stage to review the dataset schema and data types prior to performing a complete import, and adding metadata such as a description, tags, licensing and attribution and configuring the default privacy settings.
  • Datasync - everything you need to know about Datasync, Socrata's free publishing tool for automating and uploading data.  
  • Importing FAQ

Editing dataset content

Editing the dataset schema

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